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Taittinger RSYC Regatta 2019 Competitor List



(Listed alphabetically by Boat Name within each Class)

TCF Divisions are Provisional.

Boat Name Owner Helm Class Sail Number Club
Blanco Richard Vanner Raymond Rouse Contessa 32 CO 682 CO32 Association
Carinosa Brian & Rachel Sammons Jo & Keith Sammoms Contessa 32 CO 718 Royal Thames Yacht Club
Connie Mark Oliver Mark Oliver Contessa 32 Gbr 6541 Island Sailing Club
Muscadet de Havelet Peter Sanderson Peter Sanderson Contessa 32 GBR 5500 CO32 Association
Ajax Clive Smith John Gallimore Folkboat F747 Royal Solent YC
Bossa Nova David Fox David Fox Folkboat F685 Royal Solent YC
Cloud Cuckoo Martin Le Gassicke Martin Le Gassicke Folkboat F693 Royal Solent YC
Crackerjack Matthew Jones Stuart Watson Folkboat F718 Royal Lymington YC
Eala Alasdair Maclean Alasdair Maclean Folkboat F754 Royal Solent YC
Frk Fryd Jeremy Mumby William Mumby Folkboat F519 Lloyds Yacht Club
Hannchen Toby Waite Toby Waite Folkboat F613 Lymington Town SC
Jen Becci Wigley John Cooper Folkboat F666 Lymington Town SC

Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown Folkboat GBR 672 Royal Lymington YC
Madelaine Ed Donald Ed Donald Folkboat F707 Royal Solent YC
Mistral Claire Sowry Julian Sowry Folkboat F732 Royal Lymington YC
Moonstone Chris Carden Chris Carden Folkboat F751 RoyaL Lymington YC
Njord Patrick Farrell Patrick Farrell Folkboat F692 Royal Solent YC
Nordic Bear John Barns John Barns Folkboat F731 Royal Lymington YC
TAK Jeremy Austin Ado Jardine Folkboat F713 Royal Lymington YC
The Otter Claire Locke Claire Locke Folkboat F720 Royal Solent Club
Pickle Jon Freeman Jonathan Whitehead Folkboat F670 Royal Solent YC
Pilgrim Richard Harris-jones Richard Harris-jones Folkboat F734 Royal Solent YC
Raev Katie Davies Jack Davies Folkboat F674 Royal Solent YC
Scaramouche John Whyte John Whyte Folkboat F738 Royal Lymington YC
Svane harry Hall Harry Hall Folkboat F702 Royal Solent YC
Trombone Paul Chesterman Paul Chesterman Folkboat F742 Parkstone YC
Abraxas Keith Hawkins Keith Hawkins IRC Class IRL9742 London Corinthian SC
Alboran Robert Lombardelli Robert Lombardelli IRC Class CO192 Royal Solent YC
Amigos Peter Wintle Peter Wintle IRC Class GBR1246l Royal Motor YC
Andrasta Henry Bateson Jack Forrester IRC Class GBR917R Royal Harwich
Azygos Dave Stott Dave Stott IRC Class GBR3373L Royal Southampton YC
Banjax Emma Gage Emma Gage IRC Class GBR6641R Royal Lymington YC
Catch 22 Mark Jephcott Mark Jephcott IRC Class GBR 221 Warsash SC
Colleen Alan Hill Alan Hill IRC Class 33849 Royal Lymington YC
Crakajax Richard Hollis Richard Hollis IRC Class GBR408T Cowes Corinthian YC
Dusty P Richard Patrick Richard Patrick IRC Class GBR321L Royal Southern YC
EH01 Sue Warren Andy Middleton IRC Class GBR4778R RORC
Flawless J Adrian Johnson Tim Cork IRC Class GBR6905 Trent Offshore Group
Frank ? oliver Love oliver Love IRC Class GBR6455R Royal Southern YC
Ginger Knut Will Paget Will Paget IRC Class 3984L Team Challenge Racing
Google-Eye Pat Stables Pat Stables IRC Class GBR3766T Lymington Town SC
Hooligan Stephen Sault Stephen Sault IRC Class 4523 Marchwood YC
Hot Rats Robbie & Lis Robinson Richard & Debs Steel IRC Class GBR 960R Royal Southern YC
Invictus Marcus Martin Marcus Martin IRC Class GBR4253L Little Ship Club
ISLAY Richard Down Richard Down IRC Class GBR7333T Royal Lymington YC
Jahmali Michael Wallis Michael Wallis IRC Class GBR8912R Royal Southern YC
Jelly Baby William Newton William Newton IRC Class GBR 1129L Royal Lymington YC
Jetwho? Charles Ellis Charles Ellis IRC Class GBR 69 Team Challenge Racing
JourneyMaker 11 Louise Makin Chris Jones IRC Class GBR7751R Royal Southern YC
Kaya 2 Roger Martel Roger Martel IRC Class GBR3602x  
Kestrel Simon Bamford Simon Bamford IRC Class GBR8611R RORC
Lady Penrose Claire Dresser Claire Dresser IRC Class 1498T Royal Southern YC
Light Richard Kern Richard Kern IRC Class GBR8327 Hamble River SC
Lucy Lee Ian Keam-George Ian Keam-George IRC Class GBR4785L Royal Corinthian YC
Mad Max Andy Williams Andy Williams IRC Class GBR9235R Brighton Marina YC
Marmite Andrew Rushworth Andrew Rushworth IRC Class 67 Christchurch SC
McFly Tony Mack Tony Mack IRC Class GBR111N Royal Southern YC
MusTango John Fitzsimons John Fitzsimons IRC Class GBR 3057T Royal Lymington YC
Night Owl 2 Toby Lambert Julie Fawcett IRC Class GBR562R JOG
No chance chris panting chris panting IRC Class Gbr1352r JOG
Olympia?s Tigress Susan Glenny Susan Glenny IRC Class GBR8405R RORC
Pure Attitude Martin Gray Martin Gray IRC Class GBR 1575L Royal Southern YC
Rumblefurg Ian Schenkel David Cummins IRC Class GBR236R RORC
Ruthless Vanessa Lott Martin Person IRC Class GBR9633R Parkstone YC
Snow Leopard Simon Grier-Jones Snow Leopard IRC Class GBR7811R RORC
Sidney 11 Tanya Sullivan Bob Mechem IRC Class GBR1419L RORC
Spider Pig Rob & Lucinda Mclean Rob & Lucinda Mclean IRC Class GBR 965R Warsash SC
Stan the Boat Toby Gorman Toby Goran IRC Class 4610 Lloyd's Yacht Club
Thistle VI Anthony Tahourdin Anthony Tahourdin IRC Class GBR 4761T Royal Southern YC
Thunderbird Rob Morris Rob Morris IRC Class 5440R Royal Southern YC
Tres Jolie Caroline Bowen Caroline Bowen IRC Class GBR 2744L London Corinthian SC
Waimanu Isabel Peters Winston Peters IRC Class GBR6526T Parkstone YC
Winston Andy Uren Andy Uren IRC Class GBR Brighton Marina YC
White Mischief Andy Hind Andy Hind IRC Class GBR4888t Royal Lymington YC
Whooper Giovanni Belgrano Giovanni Belgrano IRC Class GBR363r Island SC
Zephyr Lord Michael Grade Lord Michael Grade IRC Class 7700C Royal Yacht Squadron
Zephyrus Peter Brooks Peter Brooks IRC Class GBR1475R Royal Solent YC
Aloni Tim Harridge Steven Harridge IRC Classic Cruiser GBR 1050N Royal Lymington YC
JAGO Mike Yates Mike Yates J109 GBR9779T Royal Southern YC
Jeopardy Richard Watney Richard Watney J109 GBR8809R Bosham SC
Jiraffe Simon Perry Simon Perry J109 GBR 8901R Royal Southern YC
Jubilee christopher preston christopher preston J109 GBR 2986L Royal Yacht Squadron
Juke Box Chris Copeland Chris Copeland J109 GBR9091R Royal Yacht Squadron
Jumping Jellyfish David Richards David Richards J109 GBR2709R RORC
Space8 Harry Brewer Harry Brewer J109 GBR1425i Parkstone YC
Wild Horses Nick Andrews Nick Andrews J109 8529R Hayling Island SC
Emoji Jim White Jim White J80 GBR 1529 Royal Lymington YC
Jibba Jabba John Puddifoot Richard Puddifoot J80 GBR 165 Royal Lymington YC
Wild Cat 3 Andy Ash-Vie Andy Ash-Vie J80 901 Royal Lymington YC
Blu V luke ridout luke ridout NHC 224 Christchurch SC
Blue Jay James Noel James Noel NHC GBR1957T Warsash SC
Bonni Lady Richard Jenner Richard Jenner NHC GBR7491R Royal Lymington YC
Fiddlers Elbow Jim Lawrence Jon Arnell NHC 253 Christchurch SC
Grasshopper Adrian Maityard Adrian Maityard NHC 8009 Other
Headstrong Graham Broomfield Graham Broomfield NHC GBR4643T Royal Lymington YC
La Vie en Rose Craig Dymock Craig Dymock NHC FRA 118 East Cowes SC
MAGICIENNE Benjamin Hall Benjamin Hall NHC GBR4604L Eastney Cruising Association
Matterhorn John Manzoni John Manzoni NHC GBR 4994t Royal Thames YC
Mint Julep David Cule David Cule NHC 4410 Hamble River SC
Phantom Anthony Duggan Anthony Duggan NHC GBR3905R Royal Lymington YC
Phoebe Owen Kerr Owen Kerr NHC GBR432 Christchurch SC
Seahorse Susannah Seely Susannah Seely NHC CO 26 Royal Solant YC
Second Wind David Temple Colin Smith NHC None Royal Solent YC
Siona II Mike Heffer Mike Heffer NHC Tbc Medina YC, Muscat Cove YC and TYPBC
Squirrel Graham Smyth Graham Smyth NHC GBR 9407Y  
Susimi II Michael Carrington Michael Carrington NHC GBR 5457 R Royal Lymington YC
Tomtit Ed Wilton Ed Wilton NHC GBR4150L Parkstone YC
Vigilant Philip Thomas Philip Thomas NHC 22-K1 Royal Solent YC
Watermark Serena Alexander Serena Alexander NHC GBR 7696t Royal Southern YC
Carnage Robin Kirby Robin Kirby SB20 GBR3531 Warsash SC
Dark & Stormy Andrew Bell Andrew Bell SB20 GBR3177 Warsash SC
MARVEL Richard Powell Richard Powell SB20 GBR3728 RORC
Red Kite Roger Harford Roger Harford SB20 GBR3096 Lymington Town SC
Sail Navy Lizzie Farrington Lizzie Farrington SB20 GBR 3215

Royal Navy SA

Light Richard Kern Richard Kern Sigma 38 GBR8327 Hamble River SC
Sigmagician Michael Harding Michael Harding Sigma 38 GBR8340  
Aelana Brig John Wardle Brig John Wardle Swan GBR975R Royal Yacht Squadron
Anna Mai Henry Hutchinson Henry Hutchinson Swan 1716 Royal Lymington YC
Fargo Bertie Bicket Bertie Bicket Swan GBR 86R Royal Yacht Squadron
Mojitabel Rory Heron Rory Heron Swan 2881 Royal Lymington YC
Moustique Alan Major Alan Major Swan GBR 2463  
Arrow George Alford George Alford XOD X125 Royal Solent YC
Gleam James Meaning James Meaning XOD X156 Royal Solent YC
Jewel Jonathan Suckling Jonathan Suckling XOD X45 Royal Solent YC
Lone Star

Stuart Jardine

Stuart Jardine XOD X119i

Royal Lymington YC

Mollymawk Simon Stewart Simon Stewart xod X135 Royal Solent YC
Princess Jalina David Palmer David Palmer XOD X188 Itchenor SC
Rosalita tom symes tom symes XOD X49 Royal Solent YC
Sandpiper Geoffrey Downer Geoffrey Downer XOD X106 Royal Solent YC
Sans Souci David Mildon David Mildon XOD x153 Royal Solent YC
Spray Sarah Turville Sarah Turville XOD X138 Royal Solent YC
Vexilla James Meaning James Meaning XOD X66 Royal Solent YC
Waverley Antony Varney Victoria Wheeler XOD X190 Royal Solent YC
Westwind Katie Davies Freddie Davies XOD X4 Royal Solent YC


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