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Royal Solent Yacht Club

Reciprocal Clubs

South Coast

Chichester Yacht
Christchurch Sailing
Lymington Town Sailing
Parkstone Yacht Club (Poole)
Poole Yacht
RAF Yacht Club (Hamble)
Royal Artillery Yacht
Royal Cornwall Yacht Club (Falmouth)
Royal Dart Yacht
Royal Dorset Yacht Club (Weymouth)
Royal Fowey Yacht
Royal Lymington Yacht
Royal Motor Yacht Club (Poole)
Royal Naval Club & Royal Albert Yacht Club (Portsmouth)
Royal Southampton Yacht
Royal Southern Yacht Club (Hamble)
Royal Western Yacht Club of England (Plymouth)


Guernsey Yacht Club (St Peter Port)
Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club (St Peter Port)
Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club (Dover)
Royal Cruising Club (London)
Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club (Lowestoft)
Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club (Helensburgh)
Royal Temple Yacht Club (Ramsgate)
Sussex Motor Yacht Club (Brighton)
The Naval Club (London)


Cruising Yacht Club of South
Penang Yacht Club (Malaysia) 
Republic of Singapore Yacht
Royal Bombay Yacht Club (India)
Royal Cape Yacht Club (South Africa)
Royal Cork Yacht Club (Eire)
Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club (Western Australia)
Royal Hong Kong Yacht
Royal Melbourne Yacht
Royal Natal Yacht Club (Durban)
Royal New Zealand Yacht Sqaudron (Auckland)
Royal Perth Yacht Club (Western Australia)
Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club (NSW)
Royal St George Yacht Club (Eire)
Seattle Yacht Club (USA)
West Indies Yacht Club (Jamaica)
Yacht Club Austria (Linz)

1st November to 31st March Only

Bembridge Sailing
(BSC: 15th November - 29th March)
Brading Haven Yacht
(BHYC: 1st October - 31st March)
Island Sailing Club,
Royal Ocean Racing Club,
Incorporating Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, Cowes.
(RORC: 1st November to 4th March)
Royal Victoria Yacht Club,
Sea View Yacht
(SVYC: 10th November - 29th March)

The following clubs wish to accord our members their facilities on production of a letter of introduction from our Secretary without entering into full reciprocity:

Little Ship Club,
Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron,