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Royal Solent Yacht Club

Taittinger RSYC Regatta 2022 Competitor List


Listed by Boat Name.


Boat NameHelmClassSail NumberRatingClub
ArabellaNiall DowlingCape 31GBR313XRoyal Yacht Squadron
JiraffeSimon PerryCape 31GBR315xRoyal Yacht Squadron
AndaxiMartin Rouse-CollenContessa 32701Royal Southern Yacht Club
BlancoRay RouseContessa 32CO682UTSC
CarinosaKeith SammonsContessa 32CO718Royal Thames Yacht Club
ConcertoMark DenceContessa 32640CO32 Association
CORAFINROBIN HOLLANDContessa 32GBR 2958CO32 Association
DrumbeatTBAContessa 32CO 651Island Sailing Club
JEMMANAJeremy SwetenhamContessa 32CO370Royal Yacht Squadron
Merak IINick BradleyContessa 32CO 401Royal Solent Yacht Club
Muscadet de HaveletBen PriceContessa 32GBR5500CO32 Association
StarstreakRoger ShintonContessa 32CO753CO32 Association
StrongbowGary WakefieldContessa 322946Parkstone Yacht Club
TeelaEllen CatherallContessa 32711Royal Southern Yacht Club
AstraeaMichael RummelFolkboatGBR674.Royal Solent Yacht Club
Cidron TooJames WaltersFolkboat612Royal Southern Yacht Club
CleoAlex Jane JamesFolkboatTBAItchenor Sailing Club
Cloud CuckooChristopher KearnsFolkboatGBR 693Royal Solent Yacht Club
CrackerjackStuart WatsonFolkboatGBR 718Royal Lymington Yacht Club
EalaAlasdairFolkboatGBR754Royal Solent Yacht Club
FrithaNigel CamplingFolkboatGBR 743Royal Lymington Yacht Club
Frk FrydWilliam MumbyFolkboatFB 619Royal London Yacht Club
HannchenToby WaiteFolkboat613Lymington Town Sailing Club
If only...Fi AustinFolkboat673Royal Lymington Yacht Club
JenJohn CooperFolkboat666Lymington Town Sailing Club
MistralJulian SowryFolkboatGBR732Royal Lymington Yacht Club
NjordPatrick FarrellFolkboatGBR692Royal Solent Yacht Club
Nordic BearJohnBarnsFolkboat731Royal Lymington Yacht Club
OtterNick IngramFolkboat729Lymington Town Sailing Club
PickleJohn FreemanFolkboat670Royal Solent Yacht Club
RaevJack DaviesFolkboat767Royal Solent Yacht Club
SamphireJames HoareFolkboat712Royal Solent Yacht Club
StralendeSimon FlackFolkboatGBR652Parkstone Yacht Club
TakJeremy AustinFolkboatGBR713Royal Lymington Yacht Club
TarkaRichard WheelerFolkboat920Royal Naval Sailing Association
THE OTTERClaire LockeFolkboatGBR720Royal Solent Yacht Club
WOMBATJonathon ProctorFolkboat765Royal Lymington Yacht Club
Anna MaiHarry HutchinsonIRC ClassGBR 1716Royal Lymington Yacht Club
ArthurPeter WaltersIRC ClassGBR7408RRORC
AventureraDavid GoughIRC ClassGBR2875LLymington Town Sailing Club
BanterIan HandleyIRC ClassGBR6508TRoyal Southern Yacht Club
BoleroMartin deweyIRC ClassGBR 1233TMarchwood Yacht Club
BOOMERANGRAY CROUCHIRC ClassR3417Royal Lymington Yacht Club
Catch 22Mark JephcottIRC ClassGBR 221Warsash Sailing Club
CobraStevie BeckettIRC ClassGBR8888NRoyal Thames Yacht Club
ColleenAllan HillIRC Class33849Royal Lymington Yacht Club
CrakajaxRichard HollisIRC ClassGBR4080TCowes Corinthian Yacht Club
FearnoughtMike JonesIRC ClassGBR9571Hamble River Sailing Club
Frank3Oliver LoveIRC ClassGBR 6455RRoyal Southern Yacht Club
Galahad of CowesRonan BanimIRC ClassGBR8409RRORC
GweiloRichard PowellIRC ClassGBRImperial Poona Yacht Club
Haven K-J EnigmaIan BrahamIRC ClassGBR4365TParkstone Yacht Club
Hot RatsRobbie RobinsonIRC ClassGBR960RRoyal Southern Yacht Club
INXSGraham ordIRC ClassGBR 1133CIsland Sailing Club
Ipqu-AyaHenry RochfordIRC ClassGBR 2644RRoyal Southern Yacht Club
ISLAYPiers TylerIRC ClassGBR7333TRoyal Lymington Yacht Club
Jelly BabyWilliam NewtonIRC ClassGBR 1129LRoyal Lymington Yacht Club
Jin TonicAndy RobertsIRC ClassGBR7805RRoyal Lymington Yacht Club
Jumbo jSimon mossIRC ClassGbr 3785Keyhaven Yacht Club
La Vie En RoseCraig DymockIRC ClassGBR965RCowes Corinthian Yacht Club
Lancelot IICharlie WilliamsIRC ClassGBR6840RRORC
LutineJames CloseIRC ClassGBR809Lloyd's Yacht Club
MerlinPeter BurwoodIRC ClassGBR3923LRORC
MintakaCatherineIRC Class2624Royal Lymington Yacht Club
MOONSHINEAndy KeelingIRC Class9519none
Moral compassJerry HillIRC ClassGBR 005Royal Southern Yacht Club
MZUNGU!TONY WHITEIRC ClassGBR4436LRoyal Naval Sailing Association
Oui FlingIrvine LaidlawIRC ClassGBR88NLymington Town Sailing Club
Prospero of HambleAllan FraserIRC ClassGBR4589RBBC Yacht Club
Pure AttitudeThomas WilsonIRC Class1575LRoyal Southern Yacht Club
RatatoskAdam BeaumontIRC ClassGBR88XRoyal London Yacht Club
RedJon BoydIRC ClassGBR2807RRoyal Lymington Yacht Club
RedeyeLucy JacksonIRC ClassGBR5936RRORC
SFIDARichard WatnetyIRC ClassGBR1859LHISC
SkermisherJonathan BlanshardIRC ClassGBR79RRORC
T i L TVariesIRC Class7877RRORC
UproarIan AkhurstIRC ClassGBR9561Hamble River Sailing Club
VoodooPete RouseIRC ClassGBR9573Royal Southern Yacht Club
Wildcat IVAndy Ash-VieIRC ClassGBR113Keyhaven Yacht Club
With AlacrityChris ChoulesIRC ClassGBR 8338RAF Yacht Club
XnaraRicher CrossIRC Class1639RParkstone Yacht Club
Yard FeesDavid GorringeIRC ClassGBR 462Lymington Town Sailing Club
Zero iiJane?s GairIRC ClassIrl39000RORC
BreezePhil CottonIRC Classic CruiserGBR 1866NParkstone Yacht Club
RocinanteDon WoodIRC Classic Cruiser2424YRoyal Solent Yacht Club
SeahorseSusannah SeelyIRC Classic Cruiser184Royal Solent Yacht Club
ZarikMark WhiteleyIRC Classic CruiserGBR1688ROther
Coco De MerJonathan ButlerIRC SwanGBR 69RRORC
MojitabelRory Heron and Dan SnowIRC Swan2881Royal Lymington Yacht Club
Shaytananeil armstrongIRC SwanGBR968RLloyd's Yacht Club
Flawless JNeil AngelJ105GBR6905RTrent Offshore Group
JediAnthony TahourdinJ109IRL8088Royal Southern Yacht Club
JenguDerrick EvansJ109GBR9760RLondon Corinthian Sailing Club
JenieRosie BerryJ109GBR2091Hayling Island Sailing Club
Jumping JellyfishDavid RichardsJ109GBR2709RRORC
Jybe Talkin'Chris BurleighJ109GBR6809RJOG
White KnightMark LambertJ1096908RRoyal Armoured Corps YC
JitterbugCornel RiklinJ111GBR1111XRoyal Lymington Yacht Club
JoleneJulie FawcettJ111GBR3103LRORC
McFlyTony MackJ111GBR111NRoyal Southern Yacht Club
Snow LeopardSimon Grier-JonesJ111GBR7811RRORC
Mr MannDan vickersJ244241Parkstone Yacht Club
Racing SnakeGiles ChipperfieldJ70GBR 746Lymington Town Sailing Club
EmojiJim WhiteJ80GBR 1529Royal Lymington Yacht Club
JaneOlly da CunhaJ80834Royal Lymington Yacht Club
No RegretsC NeveJ80GBR1411Royal Lymington Yacht Club
AlonaJeremy WaittNHC1180yRORC
ArielMatt EvansNHC9096Royal Lymington Yacht Club
BanjaxEmma GageNHCGBR6641RRoyal Lymington Yacht Club
Bonni LadyRichard JennerNHCGBR7491Royal Lymington Yacht Club
ElinorJustin HoultonNHC3736YRoyal Lymington Yacht Club
EncounterAnna Lucas-ClementsNHCGBR4891TRoyal Thames Yacht Club
Flying BoatStuart DuffinNHCGBR 2650LRoyal Lymington Yacht Club
Hamble DreamJPMorgan BournemouthNHCGBR 4756LRORC
JunoMichael CarringtonNHCGBR9821TRoyal Lymington Yacht Club
Lady PenroseClaire DresserNHC1498Royal Southern Yacht Club
Merrywake 2Adrian MaityardNHCGBR4316Tn/a
PhantomAnthony DugganNHCGBR3905RRoyal Lymington Yacht Club
SalaciaNick BennettNHCCO230RAF Yacht Club
Sea DyakMolly BrownNHCTBC000Royal Southern Yacht Club
Sofa So GoodJohn RamsdenNHCGBR8153LRoyal Naval Sailing Association
Solent DreamJPMorgan BournemouthNHCGBR4789LRORC
Solid AirRichard StrongNHCGBR2721LLittle Ship Club
Who?s NextEd WiltonNHCNED115Parkstone Yacht Club
WindflowerMalcolm McKeonNHCOS4Royal Lymington Yacht Club
WindroseAlex PollockNHC3182Parkstone Yacht Club
XarifaTeresaNHC4698TRoyal London Yacht Club
BulldogDerek ShakespeareP40GBR942RRORC
LunaTim WebbP40ITA 15656Keyhaven Yacht Club
Rogan JoshRichard PowellP40GBR1428RRoyal Thames Yacht Club
Kindred Spirit?Sigma 388285RORC
LightRichard KernSigma 38GBR2783Hamble River Sailing Club
Mouflon NoirAlasdairSigma 38Give 8303RORC
Pavlova IIIMax WalkerSigma 38GBR8399Parkstone Yacht Club
SigmagicianMichael HardingSigma 388340Other
ArrowGoerge AlfordXODX125Royal Solent Yacht Club
Blue PhantomDerek ThomasXOD105Royal Solent Yacht Club
DianaIan burrXODX164Royal Lymington Yacht Club
GleamJ. MeaningXODX156Royal Solent Yacht Club
HelenaBeth NoakesXOD69Royal Solent Yacht Club
JewelDavid MildonXODX45Royal Solent Yacht Club
Lone StarPaul WoodmanXOD119Royal Lymington Yacht Club
MayflyRory PatonXODX161Royal Lymington Yacht Club
Miss TStephen WillyXODX163Royal Solent Yacht Club
MixNick Dorley BrownXOD115Royal Solent Yacht Club
MyrtleCordelia EllisXODX76Royal Solent Yacht Club
RelaXationNick AndrewsXOD177Hayling Island SC
RosannaNeil CliffordXODX157Royal Solent Yacht Club
sandpiperGeoff DownerXODX106Royal Solent Yacht Club
SirenaThom D'Arcy & Neil PayneXODX94Royal Solent Yacht Club
VexillaEmily DresserXODTBCRoyal Southern Yacht Club
WaverleyMillsXODX190Royal Solent Yacht Club
WestwindFreddie DaviesXOD4Royal Solent Yacht Club
XcitationRoger YeomanXODX50Itchenor Sailing Club
xenonHenry Murray-SmithXOD175Royal Solent Yacht Club
XLMartin SellarsXOD48Royal Lymington Yacht Club
BlandinaGraham FellYODY7Royal Solent Yacht Club
DiatomAlan Hans HamiltonYODY2Royal Solent Yacht Club
GenistaJames HudlestonYODJ6Royal Solent Yacht Club
MagnoliaSteven CarsonYODY9Royal Solent Yacht Club
puffin6caulcuttYODY8Royal Solent Yacht Club

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